Please be a little patient with us. Since 16 years Yangla Tours was only operating in the german speaking countries. Now we expand – and have to translate everything into english. What a task!


Over the years we collected quite some content – therefore it takes some time for the translation… But day by day there are more things to discover!

Talks, Info-Presentations, Exhibitions etc.

Date time place Adress Topic
Nove,mber 2017 n.n. Bad Aibling “Changthang – Leben auf dem Dach der Welt” – Bildervortrag von Nana Ziesche



On all domestic flights the luggage is limited on 15 kg (plus 8 kg hand-luggage). Costs for excess-luggage differs regarding sector and flight-company, but will be around 2-300 Rs. per kg. Take care: nowadays it is also possible to get cheaper flight-tickets without check-in luggage – be aware while booking!



For several countries there is the e-visa. Please get infos here: It is valid for 30 days, has to be applied in advance and gets stamped in your passport on arrival in India.




I do a photo-project with children in India, which I started in 2011 in Zanskar, continued in february 2012 in Rajasthan, extended 2014 in Chiraigaon/Uttar Pradesh and took place 2015 in Yuksom/Sikkim. If you are interested please have a look here:

In Chandelao in Rajasthan you can meet the Kamerakidz! They will guide you through the village, get to know the people and places from their pictures and will have tea with a family – for sure you’ll also get a book in which you can collect autographs. A staff from the hotel accompagnies the tour so that communication will be easier. With the booking of this Special you are supportung 100% the children and the villagers!


Our publications Yangla Press has now 4 books in the range, 2 of them are in german and english language: “Winter in Zanskar” and “Chandelao” by the Kamerakidz. Infos you find at, where you can also place your order.


Due to terrorist activities in the past, who were communicating by satellite-phones, India permitted the import and the usage of these. We know that this law is really strictly followed, means who tries to immigrate with one, has to hand it over (without getting it back) and the one who is successful in smuggeling one in and uses it in Ladakh or Sikkim, will be located by the army at once and will get at least problems, maybe even getting arrested. Exceptions are expeditions, who can apply for taking a special satellite-phone with them.

Permit Sikkim

Everything became easier…. Nowadays (update: 1.10.2016) one gets the permit on the border-crossong Rangpo without complication and quickly for 1 month without presenting photocopy and passport-size photo: everything is done directly on location. That is possible for single travellers – for groups it is for sure better for the timing when everybody has already the permit in the passport.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal has to be renovated. That means that the whole year of 2017 there are always some parts of it covered to apply mud for beautification.