2007 – 2009 I accompagnied some weddings in Europa in the documentary-style photography. After that I stayed mainly in India – especially in the german wedding-season. During this time I photographed some indian weddings in different parts of the country. You can see some examples of this in a gallery.

I am a very alert, observing, intuitive photographer with a good sense to press the shutter at the right place in the right moment. I like to be close, disturb (nearly) never, realise, when there is something happening somewhere and sense when I have to stay distant (and keep the camera down). It is important to me to feel good together – I’d be happy if we could meet for a talk before and get to know each other (could be by skype, too).

I just like to catch good moments. So many vivid pictures are caught which keep alive the memories of the wedding alive for many years.
Nowadays I am more flexible and I’d be happy to accompagny your wedding anywhere. If you like my style, let’s talk about it in detail! I design an offer according to your needs.