Ghanerao – no village

25. February 2019


Ghanerao has the same number of inhabitants as my village in Germany (7,000). It is also described as a village on the internet. But after the many other village visits, it seemed more like a small town to me. What is different is that there is a Muslim community, for example.


muslim pennant


The tailors have a proper shop and don’t work at home.


The dogs didn’t roam around on sandy paths but on paved alleyways between closely spaced houses.


There aren’t that many pigs in Rajasthan, but here one was sniffing around in front of a temple.


There is also a fairly large stepped fountain, although it is no longer used.


The children don’t roll their marbles in sand holes but over brick surfaces.


The pipe is enjoyed on a concrete surface instead of in the sand.


And the houses either border directly on the street or have sealed platforms.


There is also a 500-year-old palace, part of which has been converted into a hotel. All the rooms are different (a room example is at the top) and there is a priest who performs rituals in the palace’s own temple (at the bottom). The family is in the process of refurbishing everything, but some of the rooms are still quite dilapidated and unrenovated.










And then we wanted to visit one person more intensely.