Jhadol – seeing again

22. February 2019


I was in Jhadol in 2010. This is a village near Udaipur in the Aravalli mountains. At that time, a couple had opened a new resort there, which is the Jhadol Safari Resort . Very comfortable, very nicely integrated into the landscape. And I was given a tour of the nearby village in the afternoon. This was at the very beginning of my village visits in Rajasthan. I got to know a lot of people briefly.










This time I was travelling with a different guide and didn’t meet any of the people I had met before. In general, it wasn’t as people-intensive this time and my camera was more likely to be looking at houses and so on. But I learnt new things. For example, that there are not only pretty paintings on the houses but also information such as B.P.L. This means “Below Poverty Line” – so the residents earn very little and are therefore very threatened by poverty and receive subsidies and benefits from the government.




not BPL


They made these houses very pretty for the filming of a Bollywood movie. I didn’t know that one. But it’s said to have been successful. And the huts were really nice to look at.


beautiful huts


But even without Bollywood, the scenery was picturesque.


village path


House wall still life


Well, of course there were a few people on the tour. They were sitting at the local tea shop. The tea tasted good, but I didn’t take any photos of it.


low wall seaters


cooking tea


For the sake of completeness: here is our guide.




Sometimes a visit to a village like this is even less spectacular than unspectacular. But always a simply nice experience.