In the end of my visit in 2008 I wrote: “Usually, when I am in a new country, I ask myself, wether I’d like to return. With Geirgia I am not sure. Cause of Nicki and the history and the unseen beauties maybe yes. But definitly I didn’t fall in love. It is more of a challenge to get engaged with history and that, before everything is drowning in unity.” I edited at that time a series of the photos.


Today, 2017, I digged out the pictures and memories again. Both have changed. I like talking about Georgia because I had so many experiences and things to think about there. It has a better positive aftertaste than a smoothe country. Also my photo-edition changed. I am now more concentrated on the beauties and oddities.


More impressions you find in the Fr├╝hst├╝cksgeschichten aus Georgien.