2006 I traveled to Pakistan to do a photo-story about the Khagan-Valley one year after the severe earthquake. It became one of my most important travels.


Probably it sounds quite naive, but I was not aware, how strong I was influenced by media respectively how onesided the german media reported about places like Pakistan.


Just few things were as I expected them. Despite the heavy topic in this saddled area I discovered lots of humour and warmth and friendliness.


I began to understand a little how different the “world)situation is represented, if one looks at it from the perspective there for example.


Additional I started understanding the indian history a little better. To know, that Pakistan once belonged to the rest of India is different then actually being there and experiencing it.


2008 I visited again the people I got to know before. After that unfortunatly there was no more chance.


I saw zero sightseeings on my two stays. But got to know many kind and remarkable people.