Munich – travel experiences before departure

15. May 2023


Earlier everything used to be different. I used to drive to the airport, check in and fly out. Since the last 2.5 years, that has changed. There are often obstacles of some kind. This year’s pitfall: I’m supposed to fly on Tuesday at noon. The railway was going to strike from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening. How was I supposed to get to the airport (I live about 150 km away)? So I booked myself back into the hostel where I had stayed on the previous trip. From there I could get around by bus. I thought.


Then the strike was cancelled. And I had a hostel bed with 100% cancellation fees. I decided on a compromise: I would go there on Monday and sleep 1 night. More relaxed airport trip.


Sunday afternoon I checked the local news: certain trains would not run despite the strike cancellation. Namely, my little train to the next town. Not a single ride. From there, some trains were cancelled too, but there was plenty of choice. But how would I get there? Lucky me, a friend would drive me to town. In the morning I checked the connection again. In the meantime, many other trains were cancelled, but not the one we were aiming for. I was all the more surprised when I took it: it was almost on time and very empty.


Hostel with ferry wheel


As in February, the receptionist, who had grown up in Ruhpolding, welcomed and remembered me right away. This time I was in a 6-bed dormitory. There was confusion there about the beds and lockers and who had which, because someone had not left properly when checked out and they thought there was still someone there. This time, too, we have had it quite quiet so far.




The weather wasn’t spring-like May, it was rotten – but I still went out and explored the Werksviertel. (german InfosĀ here). It’s a really special place, very empty in parts. In any case, it looks different from the usual Munich rest.


ferry wheel behind construction site


Alpine hut, for renting


construction site


living quarter


old factory part


A lot of things had settled, there were many construction sites with not so much work activity, but also a lot of emptiness. Actually, I had expected a similar ambience in Georgia.


When you travel, you make new experiences. And I started right here. I entered gun shop for the first time in my life! I really dislike people who have anything to do with weapons. Especially those with firearms. And almost as expected, one salesman turned out to be an oddball, inhibited, awkward guy. But he sold me what I wanted. Namely a pepper spray! I’m so afraid of mean, nasty dogs after all. I had gone over the strategies with a dog expert friend the night before:
A. take a wide round
B. turn away, yawn, lick lips, sneak past it
C. if not possible, pick up stones
D. if no reaction, throw them
E. if no reaction or dog viciously approaches, then pepper spray
She, as a very good dog expert, would take some with her. So would I. But where do you buy it without the internet (it was too short time). The only really obvious place seemed to be a gun shop. And there was even one near the hostel!


gun shop


Afterwards, I walked around a bit. As I was heading for a flowerbed, a woman came towards me and looked as if she wanted to tell me something important. She did so directly to me: “I feel it very clearly!” I preferred not to know what. Next, I passed two women, one of whom repeated several times, “I almost went crazy there”. I preferred not to know why. A dog then hobbled past me on 3 legs. I didn’t have to do A, B, C, D or E.


Then I thought: you can experience special things not only far away from home.


Flowerbed, very beautiful




Here is my link to the munich expirience in february:


Munich – Travel Experiences before Departure