Tbilisi – more observations


I arrived in Yerevan this morning, but I am far from finished with the reports from Tbilisi. So I’ll continue with my observations there:


On the second day, I had plenty of sun and a walk to the train station was on the agenda. When you walk around outside, you see old bread wrapped in plastic on some corners. You do that instead of throwing it in the rubbish. But who takes it with them: no idea.


Bread at the corner


At the station I was lucky and met an incredibly nice lady with the same first name as me. She was very happy, she had never met a Nana from Germany before. How did my parents ever think of giving their little baby a Georgian first name? And I was pleased that my first name did not cause any surprise, but was considered quite common here.


Nice train ticket seller with first name Nana


The train station is worth on own post – therefore another time.


For lunch I saw the following offer:

Kreuzberger Döner in Tbilisi


I didn’t take it. There were also a lot of German voices around me and I almost didn’t feel far away at all. Why are there so many non-Georgians here anyway? I had a hard time getting over the fact that 12.5 years ago I was almost alone here and now everything was full of tourists and tourist offers. Georgia seems to have really changed a lot in the intervening years.


I also had difficulties finding cafes and such back then, now everything here is full of shisha bars and lounges and the like.


Pasttime of male people


A few words about Corona. It is wedding season here (I saw 4 couples in the short time) and so there is also the appropriate fashion acecoire for the bride:


MNS for the bride – for the groom I did not spy a counterpart


The church here is he against vaccination. God could be a more effective protection. The high corona numbers are then perhaps from the unbelievers? In any case, many follow the instructions of the churchmen and so the vaccination rate is low.


A man of god against covid-vaccination






The churches look quite different inside (outside too) than they do here. In particular, they have huge murals. Some are quite special:


I think this omnipresent Jesus on the cross is bad enough – but chopped head is also a tough act to follow.

And then there was a third day in Tbilisi. About that in the next post!


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