Before the trip



In 2008 I was in Georgia for 2 weeks. In my memory, I found the trip very exciting and positive. But then I recently found circulars that I wrote at that time and the last one says:


“and today is a dull grey day and i’m about to change to home and think again about georgia. usually when i’m in a new country i ask myself if i wanted to go again. with georgia i’m not sure. because of nicki and the history and the unseen beauties maybe i do. but i haven’t lost my heart at all. it’s more of a challenge to get involved with history and stuff before it all gets lost in the shuffle. and most of the time i just feel animated to get involved with history and other people when i’ve been there. even if i don’t always feel that good. I was able to see the exhibition today, which was cancelled yesterday, and I’m trying to imagine it with the Soviet Union and all, but it’s not really easy. the funny thing is that the pictures of here from the 20s and 30s actually look quite similar to those of germany and they also want to join nato and the eu from here and actually i had always thought that it was far away and that turkey was in between and from the feeling it wasn’t “europe” until now and now i’m a bit confused about the whole thing. i’m definitely glad i came here. but also a bit glad that i’m flying home again now.”


It’s very exciting to see how memories change and experiences are sorted differently. In any case, I am already full of anticipation. What will look familiar, what will have changed?