18 years, means between 4 and 22, I lived in Henstedt-Rhen, a district of the big community of Henstedt-Ulzburg in Schleswig-Holstein, approx. 10 km north of the border of
Hamburg in Germany. The river Alster starts here, there are the Alster Lowlands, the Alster Moor and few farmhouses. In earlier times people should have dwelled in earthholes.


Nowadays most of the people live in single families houses. When being a child, there were many meadows and other non-built-up areas. Meanwhile most of it is build up with houses.
It was always a young municipality, which enlarged steadily. Gymnasium, sports-ground, 2. sports-ground, tennis-courts, church, everything developed. But the surrounding, the Alster Lowlands stayed.
And when I drive there, I feel something like home although I don’t like that place really. The memories are quite multilayered and ambivalent. I am happy to have a home – even though I don’t love it.


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