Jyrgalan – sun, mountains and departure



When I looked out of the window the next morning, the weather forecast was indeed right and a cloudless blue sky greeted me. I also received a message that I should be in Karakol at a certain time and I had to take the 11:30 bus. But I also had time to walk around a bit. First breakfast.


parts of breakfast


Breakfast was always great, enough delicious things for me (there was also porridge and fried eggs here) and I had already resigned myself to 3 weeks of Nescafe. I took this photo because of the sweets on the left – they were always served with coffee in Armenia. In Kyrgyzstan, however, only here.


But then I got out. There are at least 4 directions to walk along. I first took this one and came across the Red Bull can and had to think of Salzburg. I wonder if that was agreed with USaid.


Red Bull in Jyrgalan


Then suddenly it smelled strangely like a dead animal – and there they were, the remains of a cow. The wolf?


rest of cow


beautiful landscape


The valley was pretty, but I still hurried to another one. I had already been there the day before and photographed the view of a part of the village again. It looked quite different in the sun.




Also a view in the direction of the valley I walked before:




And there was a nice reflection in a large puddle or small pool:




And then I looked around the village a bit more. Yesterday’s additional ponds and rivers had disappeared.


no more pond


I found the many wooden fences in the village striking.


many fences


fence with double house


And then it was already time for the marshrutka, or rather, we had to wait a little longer.


waiting before departure


And then we started. This lady drove approx.. 500 m with us


gotten off


This time we collected more people then getting off


getting in

Not much happened during this part of the day, but my curiosity was satisfied. Whether it’s a tourist hotspot or not, the area is definitely pretty. Only this in-between time is not quite so ideal, as avalanches are also possible.


And what do you think this morning-news is all about?